“Anita has a warm and welcoming demeanor. I have referred many patients to her of many different backgrounds. All have given me wonderful feedback and comments have included that she is nurturing, accepting, helpful and a great asset to their path to well-being. I continue to send patients to Anita who are seeking therapy for all kinds of reasons.”  


– Dr. Jenne Wax, MD, One Medical Group, Downtown Manhattan




 “Through her wonderful ability to empathize with one’s struggles, Anita creates an atmosphere of feeling understood and accepted. Because she ‘gets’ internal and relational dilemmas, she can help someone to figure out what really matters underneath the emotional upset. Anita’s clarity is so refreshing!” 


 Andrea Blumenthal, LCSWPrivate Practice Psychotherapist, Faculty Member at The Ackerman Institute for the Family




 Anita is smart, warm, and effective. It is unusual to find a therapist who is able to balance being so genuinely accepting of other’s experiences with being curious and offering new perspectives. I have seen that balance, mixed with Anita’s gentle energy and clinical expertise, bring out transformation in the people she works with.”


– Cara Brendler, LCSW, Cara Brendler Psychotherapy, Faculty Member at The Minuchin Center for the Family







About Anita

I believe everything we need to heal and thrive is deeply rooted within us! The Harvest Your Strengths process of unfolding leads to growth and change. The more you see yourself, the more open you become, and the more ready you will be to embark on the journey of harvesting your strengths. Being the Change Agent in your own life is truly inspiring and transformative!  Warmly, Anita      More >>

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